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5 Skincare Products To Try From Mizon

5 Skincare Products To Try From Mizon


The first name that comes to mind when thinking of snail cream might be Mizon. This beloved K-Beauty brand encapsulates everything we love about skincare: products backed up by science, powerhouse ingredients (think: snail mucin), and of course, a focus on providing gentle solutions. It's no wonder, then, that hundreds of people love this brand. 

Plus, any K-Beauty fans would know that Mizon has the most amazing skincare lines. Their ever-famous Snail repair line has taken the world by storm with its magic-like ability to delay the signs of skin aging. 

Mizon also has Collagen Power Lifting line to repair damages and Acence Derma line to combat acne. If you're prone to dryness, the brand has Intensive Skin Barrier line and Water Volume line to moisturize skin. All of these are crafted to provide quick fixes but long-term benefits. 

From cult snail creams to targeted ampoules, all manner of hidden gems are sold by this K-beauty brand, but how do you know which to get? The choice is pretty endless. To help you out, we've rounded up five fan-favorite products to try from Mizon. Get ready to add these products to your cart! 

1. Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream 

If you're yet to try a snail-infused cream, this one is the best place to start. Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream is crafted with 92% snail mucin extract, which is why it's so phenomenal in fighting premature signs of skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and lack of volume. 

It's one of those top-shelf items you cherish until the very last drop because it truly works like a magic trick to give your complexion a moisture and radiance boost. In fact, there’s virtually nothing that this skincare miracle cannot accomplish!

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Having trouble with tired, dull skin or just want to defy aging? Either way, this Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream is the powerhouse cream you deserve. ✨ Made with a whopping 92% Snail Mucin extract, it repairs the skin barrier damaged by acne and inflammation while fortifying it against future damage. 🐌 It also helps brighten uneven skin tone, restores balance and promotes an overall elasticity. Hyaluronic acid delivers an ~intense~ hydration and revitalizes for a skin that is smooth, supple and oh-so moisturized. 💦 Translucent and lightweight, this cream sinks deep into your skin with ease and acts fast with continued use. End your day with a charge of radiance. Bonus: It's great for all skin types. 👌🏻 👉🏻 Shop Mizon at: 📍 📍

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Here's a testimony from one of our customers. 

Mark, Combination: 

I really enjoy spreading and applying this product all over my face, as the consistency is just right: not too runny, not too sticky, and is easily absorbed by the skin. This moisturizer has my skin feeling smooth. Will definitely order again!

2. Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule 

As far as skincare goes, you really can’t go wrong with a Vitamin C-infused one. And Mizon's team of experts nailed in incorporating this powerhouse ingredient in this ampoule. Real Vitamin C Ampoule is made with 19% vitamin C extract and arbutin that works together to target spots and improve the brightness of your complexion overall.

Whether you want to use it as a spot treatment to fade dark spots or as an all-over night time booster, the choice is yours. 

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[Repost from @gobloomandglow] 👇🏻 💡 DID YOU KNOW? 🍊 Vitamin C is stable in solutions with water ONLY IF pH is less than 3.5 or in WATERLESS formulations. ❌💧 For those who don’t know, Vitamin C is extremely unstable, and oxidizes very easily. If you ever tried a pure Vit C serum and you have not used it up in a month or two, then you must have noticed that it changed its color and started to become brownish. Yes, that was the Vit C going wrong in the product. 😢 🍋 Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule has a WATERLESS formulation, which makes it more stable than those formulated with water. 💪🏻 #mizon #mizonph #mizonrealvitamincampoule #mizonvitaminc #mizonvitamincampoule #vitamincserum

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Here's a helpful testimony from one of our customers. 

Anony-mouse, Combination:

Worked for my hyperpigmentation, sun spots, made my skin glowy, brightens without the sting, no more dull looking skin, easily absorbed, not sticky, not tacky, doesn't pill, smooth application! I use this everyday in the morning (no sun exposure) and I apply sunblock... Will definitely repurchase this!!!

3. Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

There's no doubt this is the time machine for tired eyes. Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream strikes the perfect balance in moisturizing the look of your under-eyes and varnishing those dreaded dark circles. 

Powered by 80% snail secretion filtrate, this eye is exactly what you need after one too many late nights. It reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles. Revive tired-looking skin and hide and the ghosts of sleepless nights. Trust us — this will be your new bestie. 


Here's a 5-star review from one of our customers.

Mark D: 

First of all, an eye cream wasn't really necessary for my routine; however, I bought Mizon's Snail Repair Cream, so I thought, why not try the eye cream as well.

I really like the consistency and the subtle smell, and a 15 mL tube goes a long way. My under eye area seemed to look nicer too since I started using it 3 weeks ago. I can't say much for wrinkles, since I'm still young, but if you want to treat an eye cream as an investment that your older self might thank you for later on, this brand is definitely a good choice!

4. Mizon UV Sun Protector Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 

Comprehensive sun care and nourishing skincare in one product, UV Sun Protector Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ is just the thing you need when you’re really sweating hard on a bright summer day. 

The sunscreen contains aloe vera, niacinamide, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to defend your skin against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy the sunshine in safety. 

Providing a lightweight and easily-absorbable protection with no 'white mask' effect, it's a sunscreen dream come true. Stash this tube in your bag and use it to reapply sunscreen to your sensitive skin on the go. 

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Easily a great pick for sensitive skin, Mizon UV Sun Protector Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ offers a nourishing veil of sun protection without the risk of irritation. The formula has aloe vera and bamboo extracts to restore vitality to the skin and calm down any signs of damage against sun and UV exposure. 😎 There's also niacinamide and peptides in the mix to repair skin discoloration and increase the skin's elasticity. For an extra dose of radiance, hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration and adenosine reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's very lightweight, and of course, absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. ✨ #mizon #mizonph #mizonuvsunprotectorcream

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Here’s a five-star review from a verified buyer.

Anonymous, Oily:

I tried the tester version of the product and immediately fell inlove with this sunscreen! It gives semi-matte finish and it also has a tone-up effect which is really good for my dull skin. It's also lightweight since it absobrs very easily.


5. Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub 

If there's something you need when dealing with an acne breakout, this is the one. Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub uses 35% black sugar powder to slough off every last trace of dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup residues. Together with grapeseed oil, meadowfoam seed, and sunflower seed extracts, the face scrub also moisturizes and promotes overall radiance, leaving your face silkier, softer, and smoother than it's ever felt.

A foolproof quick-fix or luxe treat as part of your skincare routine, we cannot recommend this enough. 


Here’s a very satisfied review of the product from a verified buyer:

Anonymous, Sensitive:

Worth to have it! I bought twice already with this product. I love the smooth effects after using it.


Aging. There's no hiding from it. Luckily, it's never too early to start using anti-aging and radiance-boosting products. Whether you're just starting your own routine or improving an existing one, adding one or two can definitely make a big difference in your skincare endgame. 

In fact, there seems to be an ever-changing playbook when it comes to skincare. But with Mizon, there's always a product to address a range of problems from dryness, loss of elasticity, acne breakouts to dull texture. 

How about you? What are your favorite beauty products from Mizon? Let us know in the comments below!

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