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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Korean Skincare

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Korean Skincare

By just how your favorite skincare or beauty guru would claim, the 10-step Korean skincare routine is really promising as it sounds. You may have gotten very curious on what the hullaballoo is all about, especially since almost everybody’s doing it, thanks to the Korean dramas and KPOP’s Hallyu effect.

However, if you're one lazy girl and if from the very thought of it, you're already feeling exhausted on how laborious doing 9-10 steps a day would be, imagine doing it twice a day (morning and night), religiously. Mind you, the prices of those products are not all as budget friendly for the kuripot like you and me would’ve imagined.


ic: A lazy girl's typical reaction to a 10-step skincare routine


Honestly, it really is overwhelming. Next thing you know, you would rather not do anything at all than to sacrifice and risk your precious time and money on it. But let me tell you a secret, *starts whispering* you actually don’t need to do everything, every time, to achieve that fresh and glowing look.

To start off, sleeping and drinking water a lot does make the difference. But if you’re way past that stage, then let us help you. It is very important to know yourself first by knowing the skin issue you need to address. Thereafter, you can proceed with building your own routine with the products you’ve well researched on. But if that sounds intimidating, hey, fret not, for here is the lazy guide to Korean skincare. 


STEP ONE: Cleanse with a trusty facial cleanser.

No matter how tired and sleepy you are after a long day at work or school, or other things that kept you busy, whatever you did, never ever skip this step! I repeat, NEVER EVER SKIP THIS STEP.

Why never ever? Well here’s why.

After a long day of exposing yourself to the outside world or even if you did not leave the comforts of your home, your face accumulated not only dusts but also other pollutants invisible to you and me like the excess oil your face produces. And what would be the solution to remove all those nasty things? Your trusted facial cleanser.

There are different types of facial cleanser out in the market depending on your needs. It would really make a lot of difference if you will be taking your time in choosing what cleanser to get. Here at Go Bloom & Glow, we recommend:


COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Php 540.00 on sale for Php 486.00

Neogen’s Real Fresh Foam (Green Tea), Php 800.00


STEP TWO: Apply your toner.

If you’re planning on this routine daily (you actually need to), you need to apply a toner which specifically addresses your skin concern.

For all you makeup enthusiasts, to ensure that your face is squeaky clean, using a toner with a cotton pad will help you remove the excess and long-lasting makeup products you’ve used. More often than not, you will see the remnants of that foundation or that glittery eyeshadow you’ve used, and that’s totally fine *wink, wink. *

“But what if I’m not wearing makeup, do I still need to use a toner?”

Oh honey, yes you do! Other than an “extra” step to ensure the cleanliness of your face, using a toner actually helps to bring back the normal pH level of your skin.

“What now?”

Usually, while using a facial cleanser, it is common to give an extra rub to our dear face to make sure that all the nasty are removed, however, this can damage your skin since you may be harming a healthy layer by making it fragile and vulnerable, hence, more susceptible to breakouts.

You can say sorry to your face with all that harsh cleaning you’ve done by pampering it, by applying the right toner. Also, by using a toner after cleansing, you are actually prepping your skin for the next layer of product you will be applying. We recommend these gentle toners:


Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 200 mlPhp 1,115.00 on sale for Php 795.00



Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial TonerPhp 1,115.00 on sale for Php 1,035.00

STEP THREE: Bathe your face with creams or moisturizer.

Whether you have a dry, oily, acne-prone, combination, or normal skin type, using a moisturizer is a must! A moisturizer actually helps to ensure that your face is well hydrated and plump. It also locks up the healthy cleaning you’ve done to your face. Imagine drinking an ice-cold water after sweating so much, that’s what most moisturizers do to your face. Why not try these moisturizers:


Pyunkang Yul Nutrition CreamPhp 2,006.00 on sale for Php 1,450.00 (Great for Dry Skin types)


Pyunkang Yul Moisture CreamPhp 1,834.00 on sale for Php 1,284.00 (Great for Oily Skin types)

If you’re doing this routine at night, congratulations! You have now reached the end of the lazy girl's Korean skincare routine, you may now take that much deserve sleep you need. Good night! Take care. Saranghae!

However, if you’re doing this routine in the morning, before heading out and basking the sun in all its glory or even when it’s gloomy or even if you don’t leave your room at all, or just before applying makeup, there’s an extra important step you must do.

STEP FOUR: Apply sunscreen during the daytime.

A sunscreen literally protects your face from the harsh UV rays the sun emits. Now recall your first-grade teacher lecturing the harmful effects of UV rays. Yikes, right?

Even when the rain starts pouring, the sun is still there shining, behind the clouds, emitting UV rays. If you think you’re safe inside your house and decide to skip this step, please DON'T. It’s a major NO. No matter what, please generously use sunscreen.

“But it’s making my face too oily, I just can’t!” or “It leaves a white cast, no way!” Here at Go Bloom & Glow, we have sunscreen products that are lightweight and easy to apply, such as:


COSRX’s Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, Php 690.00


Missha’s All Around Safe Blocking Essence Sun Milk 70 ml, Php 990.00

In four easy steps, you’ll be giving your skin the love it deserves. Go now, the world awaits you. Don’t forget to check out the mentioned products here at Go Bloom & Glow, who knows what pleasant surprises you may stumble across.



Note: All prices reflected here are based on the current prices at the time of posting.
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05 Aug 2020 Jacintha

Hi Glow Mag,
I’ve been reading about these 8-10 Korean skincare steps from other blogs. Such as this, I am really grateful that you pinpoint the most important products that are necessary. Thanks a lot!

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