• The Lazy Girl's Guide to Korean Skincare

    The Lazy Girl's Guide to Korean Skincare

    By just how your favorite skincare or beauty guru would claim, the 10-step Korean skincare routine is really promising as it sounds. You may have gotten very curious on what the hullaballoo is all about, especially since almost everybody’s doing it, thanks to the Korean dramas and KPOP’s Hallyu effect.However, if you're one lazy girl and if from the very thought of it, you're...
  • 7 Best Toners for the 7-Skin Method

    7 Best Toners for the 7-Skin Method

    Not only are Koreans known for formulating the best skincare products in the world skincare market, they are also frontrunners in coming up with techniques that every skincare and beauty enthusiast will surely enjoy incorporating into his or her routine. The talk of the Korean Skincare-town now is the 7-Skin Method...
  • Brand Spotlight: Pyunkang Yul

    Brand Spotlight: Pyunkang Yul

    Pyunkang Yul is a skincare brand launched by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, an institution well-known for treating atopic skin disorders by focusing on the use of traditional Korean ingredients or hanbang. Its mission is to protect the skin..
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