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Dear, Klairs

With the promise of bringing simple but enough care for your skin, minimalist brand Dear Klairs only uses necessary ingredients and is cruelty-free. Formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin, with no harmful chemicals (free from colorants, parabens, alcohol, and fragance), just the right ingredients for the right care for your skin. The must-have's for this brand include the Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (GlowPick 2016 No. 3 Best Toner). Go Bloom & Glow is an authorized dealer of Dear, Klairs in the Philippines.


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About Dear, Klairs

Skincare need not be an overly complicated routine. It’s not rocket science; in fact, it’s all about finding the right products that do the job. Go Bloom & Glow shares this belief with Dear, Klairs Korea — a popular K-Beauty brand known for their straightforward approach to skincare. By applying the principles of minimalism, Klairs perfects essential skincare with cruelty-free and quality  products.

Simple IS Enough
Other products bombard you with flashy packaging, dangerous chemicals, and
“outrageous” claims. Klairs doesn’t waste your time with gimmicks. Instead, it impresses customers with its simple lineup that provides everything from  cleansing to moisturizing and soothing. They offer products that are “simple but enough,” as their tagline goes.

The brand also puts a premium on ethical production. All of their products are free from harmful chemicals since they stick only with hypoallergenic ingredients. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, Dear, Klairs makeup and cosmetics contains only essential ingredients that promote healthier and stronger skin.

Basic But Ultimate
Sometimes, the best skincare routine requires only a couple of products. Klairs believes in the same thing. The company creates the “best simple products.”  Each Klairs product is effective, even without the addition of special ingredients. Just by using their products every day, your skin will get that healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Their 80 percent customer repurchase rate is enough proof of the effectiveness of their products’ formulas. Dear, Klairs is the perfect brand for people who want to keep skincare simple but effective. Find the product that works for you; shop for Dear, Klairs here at Go Bloom & Glow.