Centella Calming Gel Cream 24 reviews
Centella Calming Gel Cream
Info Formulated with 70% centella asiatica leaf water and 10% tee tree leaf water, iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream is a refreshing and soothing gel cream specially formulated for stressed and blemished skin. Suitable for all skin types, it calms, comforts, and alleviates inflammation,...
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Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum
Info Formulated with 70% propolis extract and 12% hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract, iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum helps to calm, nourish and brighten skin all at the same time, while also providing effective wrinkle care. This healing, vitamin-rich serum is suitable for dry,...
Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil 200ml
Info What it is: Do you frequently feel over-dry and rough-skinned after cleansing? Good news for you, IUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil is here to lift away the day’s dirt without the risk of a tantrum. Using 94% mild plant...
Tea Tree Relief Serum 9 reviews
Tea Tree Relief Serum
Info Formulated with 67% tea tree extract water and 19.5% centella extract, iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum provides relief from inflammation and irritation, soothes sensitivity, treats acne, and refines and smoothens one's skin texture. Great for sensitive, irritated, troubled, or oily skin,...
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Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask 60ml
Info What it is: A full night’s sleep in a bottle, IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask floods skin with reparative 16% propolis extract and sea buckthorn fruit extract. This gentle yet hardworking mask works wonders as you sleep — increasing...
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Lime Moisture Mild Peeling Gel
Info Formulated with natural AHA Fruits Complex containing 5 different fruits extract (Lime, Grape, Orange, Apple, Lemon), iUNIK Lime Moisture Mild Peeling Gel is a gentle peeling formula that easily sloughs off accumulated skin wastes and dead skin cells, giving...
Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam
Info Formulated with 69% centella asiatica leaf water, iUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam is a pH balancing cleanser that cleans with a soft foam to remove dirt, waste, and excess sebum. Suitable for all skin types, it is enriched with botanical moisturizing ingredients, so it won’t...
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Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream
Info Formulated with Beta Glucan (a natural ingredient extracted from mushrooms that is 20% more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid), Centella Asiatica extract and Red Fruits Complex, iUNIK Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream is a multi-functional formula that powerfully moisturizes one's skin. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin...
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Black Snail Restore Serum 1 review
Black Snail Restore Serum
Info Formulated with 70% black snail extract and 5 kinds of black super foods, iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum helps smoothen and lighten skin. It also helps maintain a more youthful look since it is rich in antioxidants from black rice, black bean,...

About iUNIK 

Discover everything from effective acne solutions to powerful anti-aging treatments with iUNIK. This Korean brand produces straightforward, simple skincare with minimal hassle. 

Established in 2016 by eBay Platinum seller of Korean cosmetics blueprint21, the line-up of iUNIK skincare are simple and effective products.

Thanks to its extensive research in solving modern skin problems in today’s modern world, iUNIK has produced  skincare solutions that are affordable and all-natural.

Made with its star ingredients in the K-Beauty market like black snail, propolis, galactomyces, Centella Asiatica, sea buckthorn, tea tree, rose water, hyaluronic and beta-glucan, iUNIK deserves to be in your skincare arsenal. 

Black Snail extract restores skin while Centella Asiatica calms skin and heal redness. iUNIK also uses Propolis, a natural anti-inflammatory made by bees and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract, a source of fruit acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and high Vitamin C content that works to clear and brighten skin.

Their fan-favorites iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum and IUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream lead the brand in its rise to fame.


iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum

iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum calms and heals skin from irritation and redness. An instant relief powered by a 67% tea tree extract water and 19.5% Centella extract that reveal radiant skin in as little as one use. Bringing in niacinamide and adenosine, this magical serum helps skin to be bright and young.


iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream

 Aside from this, iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream also help the brand on gaining hold to the market. Containing 70% Centella Asiatica leaf water and 10% tea tree leaf water, this gel-cream leaves skin refreshed and glowy all day.

Its Niacinamide and Adenosine content boost the  skin as it brightens and protects it from wrinkles and fine lines.


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