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Living up to its philosophy, "A Sense of the Beginning", Nature Republic crafts products that will surely start bringing out the best in you. Discover what nature has to offer with Nature Republic.

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About Nature Republic

Nature Republic prides themselves in offering natural and skin-friendly skincare. The brand set out to create cutting-edge products, filling any gaps in the beauty market and continuing to push the boundaries of what quality skincare should be.

Championing the emergence of natural ingredients and a strong commitment to the transformative power of skincare, Nature Republic has grown to be one of the leading and fastest-growing global cosmetics brand since their launch in 2009.

Journey to Nature

Their active campaign to preserve the world’s nature holds the beauty community in raptures. Embodying this cause into each of their skincare products, Nature Republic’s journey to nature makes the brand more unique and relevant globally.

Nature Republic introduces 10 kinds of raw ingredients, such as aloe vera, deep seawater, snail mucus, calendula, argan, baobab tree seed, oxygen water, shea butter, ginseng, and green leaf.

A skincare line brimming with nature’s greatest treasures, this brand empowers customers to love and help the nature and at the same time, to look healthy and glowing using the most natural products.

Represented by South Korea's famous stars such as EXO, KARA, Taeyeon, Jang Kuen Seuk and Rain, Nature Republic is an easy brand to love and adore. Beauty enthusiasts and skincare mavens praised and worshipped the brand's high-performing products.

One of their best-sellers, the Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel blends groundbreaking active ingredients with innovative technology, resulting in a powerful formula that millions of people swear by. And that’s not the best part yet. This game-changing formula was later introduced to two forms: a tube and a gel mist.

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