Living up to its philosophy, "A Sense of the Beginning", Nature Republic crafts products featuring ingredients sourced from the environment that will surely start bringing out the best in your skin. One of South Korea’s leading cosmetic brands, each of their products are created using state-of-the-art technology, delivering maximum results at reasonable prices. Discover what nature has to offer with Nature Republic.


About Nature Republic Philippines

Nature Republic prides themselves in offering natural and skin-friendly skincare. The brand set out to create cutting-edge products, filling any gaps in the beauty market and continuing to push the boundaries of what quality skincare should be.

Championing the emergence of natural ingredients and a strong commitment to the transformative power of skincare, Nature Republic has grown to be one of the leading and fastest-growing global cosmetics brand since their launch in 2009.

Journey to Nature

Their active campaign to preserve the world’s nature holds the beauty community in raptures. Embodying this cause into each of their skincare products, Nature Republic’s journey to nature makes the brand more unique and relevant globally.This popular brand introduces 10 kinds of raw ingredients, such as aloe vera, deep seawater, snail mucus, calendula, argan, baobab tree seed, oxygen water, shea butter, ginseng, and green leaf.

A skincare line brimming with nature’s greatest treasures, Nature Republic empowers customers to love and help the nature and at the same time, to look healthy and glowing using the most natural products.

Represented by South Korea's famous stars such as EXO, KARA, Taeyeon, Jang Kuen Seuk and Rain, Nature Republic surely is an easy brand to love and adore. Beauty enthusiasts and skincare mavens praised and worshipped the brand's high-performing products.

Nature Republic Beauty / Skin care Worldwide Best-seller

One of their best-sellers, theSoothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel blends groundbreaking active ingredients with innovative technology, resulting in a powerful formula that millions of people swear by.

This one is my favorite and I’m on my 2nd tub now! It really is a good soothing gel, it calms my redness and irritations. This one is not only a very good soothing gel, but it’s a very good moisturizer and sleeping mask, too! I just got addicted to it! 😍- Katelyn Joy D.

This is really one of my holy grail skincare (and my hubby too 😂) been using this for almost 2 years and I must say that this is really good!! My hubby has a very sensitive skin and this product works on him too. I’m happy with this because it has a lot of uses for me, I use it in my face, hair and body. It is also good for sunburn!!! The best product ever 😍- Anon

And that’s not the best part yet. This game-changing formula from Nature Republic was later introduced to two forms: atube and agel mist.

Finally! I have this in tub, spray and now this.
This is perfect for summer. Mix this with your body lotion(or not) after long hours of exposure under the sun and your skin will thank you, or just use it as moisturizer on your face. I use this in everything. Even as overnight mask or after plucking my brows or waxing my UA. It just got better because squeeze bottle is much more hygienic than the tub. And you can now share this because i dont feel like sharing my tub bec i dont like other hands dipping their fingers over it. There's just one thing i dislike about it. If you use it in long term, your dry skin will get worse so i think this is best for oily skin for long term use. - Kim C. on the Aloe Vera Gel's Tube Version

I love using this whenever I have dry patches on my face, it is really moisturizing and does not make my skin more oily (considering that I have oily skin to start with). Also, it is so convenient to bring and use whenever and wherever since it's a spray type formula. - Suzy on the Spray Mist

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