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Dealing with dry, brittle, and lackluster lengths? Mizon Salon Master Hair Clinic is the ultimate once-a-week, at-home treatment to help restore the life in your hair and keep your lengths lovably hydrated. This 3-second protein bomb with 3-in-1 care for damaged hair, volume, and scalp will be an essential addition to your beauty routine. 

What it does: 

Rebuild and strengthen damaged strands with Mizon Salon Master Hair Clinic. Utilizing a mix of 66% protein-derived ingredients, including colostrum protein and 20 types of amino acids, this ultimate salon treatment fortifies from within the hair shaft, fixes broken textures while also protecting them from external damage. The seven types of fermented vitamin B complexes included in this formula also resurge hair and scalp with long-lasting moisture. It also promotes natural and healthy hair growth with the help of menthol, panthenol, and BHA. 

The spiderweb three-day maturation process allows the formula to sink into stressed-out tresses to make them instantly more manageable.  Bonus: It's silicone-free so you don’t have to worry about any odd side effects.

How to use: 

After shampooing, apply the formula to damp hair. Work through hair from root to tip and then wash off. 

What you get:

(1) Mizon Salon Master Hair Clinic 150ml



Contains more than 66% of protein-derived ingredients to heal and protect the curls. Enriched with menthol, panthenol, and BHA to help improve the symptoms of hair loss. Skin irritation test completed. Free from silicone.

Salon Master Hair Clinic
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