Huxley Toner; Extract It

Huxley Toner; Extract It

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Huxley Toner; Extract It is a slightly acidic toner formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients and cactus extract. It helps maintain the skin's pH balance and leaves your skin clear and moisturized. I also provides adequate hydration with a rich texture


Review(s) on Huxley Toner; Extract It:

"This toner is perfectly light yet packed with hydration. My skin gets irritated easily but this product has wonderful non-irritating and hydrating ingredients. This product alone has been a major influence in changing my skin's texture and oil levels within one month. I'm on my second bottle of toner and not trying anything else for a while. I prefer this over the Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner for my skin type (combination/sensitive/acne-prone)." - eadler44 (from ohlolly.com)

"I love this product! The packaging is absolutely stunning. Housed in a beautiful and sleek glass bottle, it really gives a pure & gentle feel to it while still being luxurious. This toner is pH adjusting and really does help in hydration and the absorption of products onto the skin. There is a light floral scent that is very nice, IMO. Not heavy at all, I would still recommend this to those who have sensitive skin. I have dry combo skin and live in a dry climate so any type of hydration is welcomed my way! This has done a surprisingly good job of taking care of my skin. Hydrated cheeks. Less oily T-zone. More evened skin tone. And talk about that glow! One of my first Huxley purchases and I'm super happy. I got this from Glow Recipe and will definitely pick this up again. Worth the higher price tag." - Candy B. (from influenster.com)


Suggested Use:

After cleansing, dampen a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of toner and gently wipe over the face, moving in an inward-outward direction.

* It is limited to the properties of ingredients.
Astringent action, Soothing the skin
Improve the pH balance of the skin

Thanks to its innovative and game-changing products, Huxley has quickly become a skincare sensation all over Korea. Inspired by the author of the famous novel titled "Brave New World", Aldous Leonard Huxley, this contemporary beauty brand dares to discover unknown ingredients and lead new beauty trends. Formulated with hydrating cactus oils, its moisturizers are now market bestsellers and have made the brand a cult-favorite amongst the Korean beauty community. Huxley must try's: Cream; Fresh and More Oil Essence; Essence-like Oil-like.


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