Launched in 1994, Laneige is a brand committed to help women achieve clear, radiant, and glowing skin. Through 20 years of research, the brand discovered that water not only plays an important role in moisturizing the skin but also effectively boosts the effects of brightening and anti-aging products. Aiming to transform water into dynamic moisture energy, Laneige developed its own exclusive technology, Water Science, to help bold and confident young women get naturally hydrated, supple skin anytime, anywhere. Get glowing with Laneige!


About Laneige Philippines

Looking for something to get that radiant, clear skin we’ve all been dreaming of? Keep Laneige products as one of the tricks up your sleeve!

This Korean innovative brand provides an in-depth approach to developing skin care solutions. More than your average K-beauty skincare, the brand targets the human’s need for water and address it through their Laneige's Water Science™ as their skin solution.

The result? Laneige became one of the most iconic K-beauty worldwide. Even here in the Philippines, the brand became stronger and stronger than ever. With famous endorsers such as Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Sung-Kyung and Song Hye-Kyo, Laneige products are busy spreading its wings abroad.

In 2007, Laneige expanded its lines of products and services through the Laneige Premium Makeup Line, and Laneige Homme, a cosmetic brand for gentlemen.

With a brand that embodies innovation, Laneige helps everyone to get one step closer to their best complexion ever.

Our Laneige Skincare Favorites 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Score that much coveted naturally lit-from-within glow even without a proper sleep with this world's best-selling sleeping mask.

Utilizing and refining SLEEP-TOX™ and MOISTURE WRAP™ technology, Laneige seriously packs a punch in one product. This cult-fave overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask is the perfect fix for people with dry, dull or aging skin.

The must-have Water Sleeping Mask also introduces Sleepscent ™. Formulated with orange flower, rose, and sandalwood, it can relax and comfort you to sleep. Say bye-bye to haggard look!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Ever wished your lip scrub did more? Say no more. Lip Sleeping Mask did more than your average lip arsenals. It deeply moisturizes and hydrates your lips with Vitamin-C- enriched formula. Mixed with antioxidants and Moisture Wrap™, Laneige lip sleeping mask provides layers of soothing masks at bedtime that helps lips to stay supple and soft.


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