One of Asia’s leading cosmetics company — with its commitment in making incredible beauty products accessible to everyone, this cult-favorite brand bases its product discoveries from research. Now you are sure that your skin gets maximum value and the care it deserves.


About Mizon Philippines

This Korean beauty brand entirely amped the ante of Korean skincare with their intelligent research and innovative technology.The brand’s flagship of snail mucin-based skin care products like the Snail Repair eye cream help the company to gain hold on the market worldwide. With the continuous philosophy of providing the gentlest products and non-irritating skin care items for their customers, there is no doubt that this brand is loved by plenty of K-Beauty lovers.

All In One Snail Repair Cream

The iconic All In One Snail Repair Cream became a holy grail for thousands of K-Beauty lovers. And it is a cult-fave for a reason. This highly concentrated intensive cream is made of 92% snail extract. The result? It deeply hydrates skin, leaving it smoother with less fine lines, blemishes and acne scars.

Lightweight and non-sticky, this is the perfect cream for people that want an effortless skincare treatment. Try their All In One Snail Repair Cream and discover why this brand is popular with celebrities, beauty bloggers and influencers.

I love this product! I usually apply moisturizer before I go to bed, the morning after my skin is so greasy I think I have enough oil to cook a sunny side up. But this cream is different, I'm amazed how my skin feels so soft and supple after use. Plus, it doesn't leave my face oily or greasy the morning after unlike other moisturizers I've used before. I've been using this for weeks, and I'm excited of the improvements that I'll be seeing by using this product further. - Dianne A.

I love how this doesn't feel super thick, yet moisturises very well. I use this usually at night, but I have used this during the daytime as well, when I know I won't necessarily be in a warm environment (a/c all the way). Doesn't cause breakouts. Feels lightweight. - Jen D.


Snail Repair Eye Cream

Formulated with 80% snail filtrate and yam mucin, this sister product to our best-selling All-in-One Snail Repair Cream is just as powerful as a skin treatment.

What sets All-in-One Snail Repair Cream apart amongst the ocean of Korean eye creams is that it uses the star ingredient, Snail Mucin Filtrate to quickly smoothen and rejuvenate skin for a more youthful glow.

The very 1st time I started using it, it really gave the skin around my eyes its much needed hydration! It's not sticky at all, nor is it watery. It's so easy to apply.
I've had issues of milia with the other eye creams I've used before. I'm still observing this one if it would give me milia. I'll still wait and use it until it's empty because of #skincarecommitment ! - Amil A.

I know that the under-eye skin is really sensitive so I am careful about what I put on it. This product didn't irritate my skin so I appreciate that. I don't really have dark under-eye circles but my eyes can get puffy at times. I noticed that this product helped in the puffiness but no in eliminating the fine lines.
I believe this product is an overall great eye cream for everyday use but you can't expect it to repair the damage that you've caused through years of sun exposure and rubbing. This will do more of a preventive care rather than curative so it's perfect for my everyday use. - Arianne 


Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Do you ever feel like your skin has suddenly changed? With more toxins in our environment and stress in our lives, our skin can be damaged. Build back the glow in your skin with Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule- a snail-mucin enriched serum.

This serum is one of the best I've tried! Its texture was light, it was instantly absorbed by my skin and it kept my face soft and supple afterwards. My skin looks a little bit clearer with less-noticeable acne marks after using this for two weeks. And gobloomandglow is a great store - products are legit, service is fast and love the freebies too! - Cleo G. 

Gooey serum but when applied on my face, it adheres well on my skin, it has greatly reduced my acne scars and hyper pigmentation, it never disappointed me and I am not breaking out that bad anymore. Boosts and improves blood circulation on my face too. I highly recommend this holy grail for oily and acne prone skin!! - Chelle P.


Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Does your skin need an extra boost? Do you feel like your skin barrier has been dull and dry lately? Revitalize and repair your skin with this 74% snail extract lightweight gel type cream.

Snail Recovery Gel Cream is a lightweight gel type cream which is concentrated with 74% snail extract, a multi-functional ingredient that has been proven to combat aging and help repair damaged skin and reduce acne marks. The result? A clear, firm and flawlessly hydrated skin. This cult-favorite also has botanical and floral extracts that give it a refreshing touch.

This is one of my favorite AM moisturizers. It's especially perfect for the humid weather! It's so lightweight, and it gets absorbed really swiftly, unlike other gel moisturizers. It also sits well under matte sunscreen--it makes the application a dream! I have oily and easily triggered skin and this product just worked so well for me; in fact, this seems to curb by sebum production too. It's also ridiculously cheap--you'll definitely be getting what you paid for and more! The tube packaging is a plus as well because it's very hygienic. I prefer a slightly thicker AM moisturizer nowadays, but I will repurchase this during the hotter months! - Anne T.

This is my second purchase. The reason I liked this is because it's plainly simple and not too complicated for a moisturizer. It looks very clean and there's no sticky feeling when you apply it. It heals pimple scars and helps with repairing the skin from trauma. The price is also cheap and bottle is travel friendly. This is for sure a good find :) - gretchsibvg

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