Cica Care Purifying Toner
Info What it is: A gentle toner that contains Madecassoside and Panthenol to calms and repairs dry and distressed skin for an undeniably glowing presence.   What it does: Completely safe and totally effective, Rovectin Cica Care Purifying Toner is...
Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion
Pollution is no match for content and protected skin. Get that fortified skin with Rovectin Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion. Acting as a refreshing salve for all your skin woes, this uses the brand's Barrier Repair Complex™ to deliver all...
from ₱175.00
Cica Care Balm 2 reviews
Cica Care Balm
Info What it is: Fast track your way to a clearer and healthier skin with Rovectin Cica Care Balm. It is a powerhouse skin treatment that uses Calamine and Madecassoside to provide relief from breakouts effectively and safely, even for...
Clean LHA Blemish Ampoule 15ml
If you're looking for a hypoallergenic ampoule and free from nasty ingredients, look no further than Rovectin Clean LHA Blemish Ampoule. This addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including pores and blackheads, dry or dull complexion, dark spots, blemishes,...
Skin Essentials Double Tone-up UV Protector 50ml SPF50+ PA++++
Meet the hypoallergenic sunscreen we've all been dreaming of. Rovectin Skin Essentials Double Tone-up UV Protector proves to be a true all-rounder, protecting skin from harmful UV rays and promoting a healthy glow from within.  Info What it does:  Grant...
[CLEARANCE] Cica Care Sleeping Pack 80ml [Exp. 11.2022 or 12.2022]
To achieve a skin that seems untouched by time (or lack of sleep and late nights), try Rovectin Cica Care Sleeping Pack. This overnight miracle product encourages the skin to repair itself from the inside out, all while you sleep. For...
[CLEARANCE] Skin Essentials Aqua Activating Serum 35ml [Exp. 11.11.2022]
No matter the reason for your dry skin — whether it’s the weather, too much air conditioning, or aging — Rovectin Skin Essentials Aqua Activating Serum promises some serious hydration. With hyaluronic acid and vitamin E as its main ingredients,...
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