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8 Tips on How to Care for Your Skin in the "New Normal"

8 Tips on How to Care for Your Skin in the "New Normal"


With prolonged mask-wearing now being part of our "new normal", it's not surprising there's bound to be some changes to our skincare routine. After all, these new struggles, including maskne and stress, do our skin no favors. 

In an effort to help you adjust with the current situation we found ourselves in, we've prepared 8 tips on how to care for your skin — and some recommended Korean skincare products.

1. Clean your skin as always. 

If there's one part of the skincare routine you should not skip, this is the cleansing. 

Add the new nuisance of face mask and shield, we're in for a lot of humid and sweaty days. The situation under your mask can undeniably lead to dirt buildup. So remember to cleanse in the morning, night, or after a day out.

For starters, try double cleansing with the help of Heimish All Clean Balm. As it uses oil to dissolve sebum, dirt, and makeup residue, it ultimately clears up acne-causing bacterias, leading to a purified complexion. 

Here's a review from one of its users:

Bella, Combination: 

This cleansing balm takes off even the most stubborn eye and lip makeup! It has a light texture that melts on contact with the skin and dissolves all traces of makeup and dirt, and it rinses off so well - definitely no residue as I have experienced previously with other cleansing balms and oils. I find that this doesn’t get into my eyes or sting, which is a big plus. It has a light floral scent which I don’t mind and disappears completely when you wash it off. In addition, this cleanser doesn’t feel like it’s stripping my skin, in fact, my skin feels great after rinsing - just nourished and clean! Perfect for the rest of the steps in my routine and an excellent way to start getting ready for bed. The flip-top packaging is also so convenient. I’ve tried quite a few cleansing balms (including the Banila Co which I used for a long time) and I think this Heimish one is my favorite. It’s such a pleasure to use and I’ll definitely be repurchasing again. 

2. Don't skip your toner! 

After cleansing, use a toner. This helps in healing skin aging, fine lines, spots, and inflammation. In particular, Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner contains 91.3% Milk Vetch Extract to help the skin in facing head-on pollutants and free radicals. With so many stressors everywhere we turn, it's only natural that we need a lot of toning magic. 

Let's take a look at what one of our customers said about this product.

Anonymous, Oily:

No joke. I feel in love with this product the first time it touched my face. The fact that its a toner + essence, it already a big plus! AND it really works. I notice after 3 days of using, my face is not that oily and what I also love about this is that its so light on the skin! perfect for every day use.. I am not swithcing to any other toner. This is it. this is for me. ❤

3. Moisturize like it's your job. 

Stress does a helluva thing to your skin, including visible dryness and tightness. Together with sweat swishing under your mask and other factors, it's crucial to moisturize. For your daily cream, grab something like Jumiso Have Good Cream Snail & Centella. Packed with snail mucin and centella asiatica extracts, this confidently rejuvenates and pampers skin in spades while healing any signs of irritation. 

Here's a testimony from one of our customers. 

Grace, Sensitive: 

I have a combination sensitive skin which makes me irritated to alcohol and fragrances. I have purchased this together with Jumiso toner and Vitamin C serum, which I have given to my sister after the burning sensation I have experienced upon first application. As mentioned on my previous review it works well with my sister's combination skin.

4. Take care of your face mask. 

At first, it may feel like some new term only made to market skincare products. Sadly, mask-induced acne, aka "maskne" is very much a real thing. 

In response to this, skincare enthusiasts have taken to themselves to put extra effort into caring for their masks. 

To start, choose a mask with the right fabric. A soft, natural, and breathable fabric will make a big difference in reducing the possibility of maskne. Avoid synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, and rayon, especially if it touches against your skin. Fabrics like these are known to cause unnecessary irritation. 

Next, make sure to get a mask with a comfortable fit. If it's a poorly fitting mask, you'll likely touch your mask far more than the usual. This can lead to more germs on your face and in result, acne.

Most of all, always use a clean mask. You can check this article for a more detailed guide.

In the tragic event you ever got a maskne breakout, stop it at once with the help of Mizon Bye Bye Pimple Patch. These hydrocolloid dressings are transparent, super-clingy to the skin, and most of all, fast-acting.

Here's a helpful testimony from one of our customers. 


I love this more than the COSRX one. It's thin and barely noticeable, but works just as well or even better most of the time, plus it's cheaper, too. BRB, stocking on this...

5. Go makeup-free or up your eyebrow game. 

Let's face it: your makeup will only be messed up by the sweat, not to mention it will just end up on your mask. It's simply not worth the effort to wear full-on makeup while wearing a face mask, right?

If you have to wear makeup, opt for oil-free and non-comedogenic products. 

Additionally, it's high time to go extra on your eyebrow game. Reach straight to Etude House Drawing Eye Brow for the ultimate fuss-free experience. The easy-to-use angled brow pencil lets you easily draw on individual hairs to give the appearance of a thicker, fuller arch. This is available in 6 colors: dark brown, gray-brown, brown, dark gray, gray, and light brown. 


Here's a 5-star review from one of its users. 

Aaa, Oily: 

You get an eyebrow brush and pencil all for the price of one! And you'll surely not regret in buying one since the quality is way beyond its price! Affordability and quality all in one!

6. Revitalize your under-eyes.

In addition to upping your eyebrow game, you look more awake and lively by using an eye cream. Especially if you are having trouble with sleep or wrinkles, add a dedicated eye cream now to your skincare routine. 

In a no-brainer sense, our top pick is the best-selling Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream. With the brand's signature snail secretion filtrate, it minimizes puffiness and refreshes tired eyes, while also reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles. 


Here's a helpful testimony from one of our customers. 

Iris, Normal:

I love how this cream is lightweight for my eyes. It's also efficient for this to be packaged with a small nozzle that gives out just the right amount per application. I've been using it for 3mos now and I'm satisfied. I use it to prevent fine lines around the eye area.

7. Wear your sunscreen indoors.

Yes, most of us spend our time indoors, which means no direct sun exposure. But believe us, it's still a good idea to apply sunscreen. According to studies, prolonged exposure to blue light, the kind emitted from electronic devices like our smartphones, tablets, and computers, can lead to premature skin aging and skin damage.

In addition, whether you're indoors or outdoors,  you can still be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UVA rays can prematurely age your skin, while UVB rays can burn your skin.  

To get the ultimate protection, pick a sunscreen with a long-lasting, broad spectrum, and a bonus barely-there coverage like Pyunkang Yul ATO Mild Sun Cream. It holds up great against outside elements and indoor as well. Backed up with hyaluronic acid, the formula also hydrates the skin like a champ. 

Here's a review from one of its users:

Mela, Sensitive: 

I recently purchased this one after getting really good experience with Pyunkang Yul. I just had to try their sunscreen upon the recommendations of this site! Lo and behold, it did not disappoint. It was cream but very lightweight. To me, it appears water-based. It absorbs right away and doesn't leave a sticky feel on the skin. 

8. Get your daily dose of Vitamin C. 

If there's any skincare combo you need to try in this new normal, it's sunscreen and any products rich with Vitamin C.

In this case, Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule will do the trick in doubling down your sun care. This ampoule contains 19% Vitamin C and Arbutin that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture. It's chock full of powerful antioxidants that will erase the visible stress of the day. 

Here's a 5-star review from one of its users. 

Anony-mouse, Combination: 

Worked for my hyperpigmentation, sun spots, made my skin glowy, brightens without the sting, no more dull looking skin, easily absorbed, not sticky, not tacky, doesn't pill, smooth application! I use this everyday in the morning (no sun exposure) and I apply sunblock... Will definitely repurchase this!!!


Hello, readers! Stay safe and healthy. Remember it's important to take good care of yourself, especially during this global pandemic. Show your skin some major love with authentic Korean skincare products. Get them here at Go Bloom and Glow and enjoy free shipping for purchases worth P1999 and above.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you have any ''new normal'' skincare suggestions. Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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